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Head of Department's Message

Computer Science Department is one fundamental discipline that leads to the award of B. Sc. Computer Science under the approval of National University Commission (NUC). The website is meant to assist the students to know the aim and objectives, philosophy, mission as well as the organization structure and the history of the program. It also describes what the students need to know about the department, the curriculum and the workload per level.


Computer Science Department


History/Background of The Department

Computer Science Program started in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in October 2007 under the leadership of Mr. Augustine Adjei as the Head of Department. The program took up with eighteen (18) students admitted into degree program in 2007/2008 academic session. With approval from NUC, the program was later in 2010 separated from Mathematics and Statistics Department to become a full pledge department with Audu Musa Mabu as the first Head of Department. In November 2013, Prof. Rajesh Prasad was appointed as the Head of Department. The program has been designed to incorporate the following:

  1. The NUC minimum standard for degree programs in faculties of science. Although the courses here may differ in nomenclature and pattern, we have ensured that the contents of the minimum standards courses for a degree in computer science are at least included in parts of our courses.
  2. The University General Regulations for undergraduate courses as well as the Regulations of the Faculty of Science.
  3. The Current global trend in the field of computer science and information technology.

The department proposes to offer courses leading to B. Sc. Honor degree in Computer Science.

Philosophy of The Program

 The philosophy of this program is based on the belief that:

  1. Education is an instrument for national development;
  2. Education foster the worth and development of the individual into a sound and effective citizen for the individual’s sake, and for the general development of the society;
  3. Through provision of functional education, individuals can be fully integrated into the society;
  4. Our nation should compete with the international community in the field of information technology.


The mission of the program is impacting the training of computer science to produce graduate suitable for job market, post-graduate work and capable of applying their knowledge and skill to solve complex social and technological problems across the globe.


To produce competent graduates that will compete with their counterpart in the development of Yobe state and the country at large.

Objectives of The Program


  1. The present trend of global dependence on information technology and its relevance to the growth and development of any society;
  2. The role of computer science in information technology;
  3. The high demand of experts in computer science in labor market;
  4. The desirability of producing job creators rather than job seekers;
  5. The high demand of knowledge and training in computer science by numerous applications;

The Department of Computer Science proposes a new degree program with the following objectives:

  1. Give high-level manpower training in the field of computer with a view to producing the needed human resources.
  2. Produce highly skilled individuals who would be self-reliant and useful members of the society.
  3. Further popularize the importance of computer knowledge and its relevance to personal/national progress.
  4. Prepare students intellectually to pursue research and graduate studies in all areas of computer science.